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We believe that every sensitive person should embrace the concept of “sustainability” and be firmly committed to it. We know very well that while meeting our own needs today, we cannot compromise on the needs of future generations


As one of the leading brands of leather fashion and industry in Turkey, we have been taking serious steps in our business processes in terms of "sustainability" for a long time, and we aim to leave a livable world to future generations. We adopt and apply the principles of "sustainability" with determination at every stage of both our employee and production chain.

We know that there is a long road ahead of the fashion industry for a "sustainable world" and we will continue to walk on this road with determination.

Sustainability, Compliance and Social Responsibility Initiatives

  • Green energy and Zero emission initiative – Aim to be carbon neutral by 2035

  • Women First Initiative - 51% of total employment, 40% of the Board

  • Sustainable workforce initiative – 80% of employees with no prior industry experience

  • Responsible Employer initiative – Sedex member since 2006

  • Sustainable material initiative

  • LWG Gold Rated Tannery 

  • Next-Gen material research: Microbial Cellulose and Plant Cellulose

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