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Duzce Handbag Factory 

Duzce, a city devastated by the earthquake in 1999, which had no pervious leather goods industry, was chosen by the DESA Group as the new site of leather goods operations in 2005. 

After designing and building a sophisticated 10.000 m2 production plant, which embraces craftsmanship and industrialization as the key design parameters, DESA Group has launched a selection and training program to create a workforce that is raised with the philosophy of the Company. 

The applicant pool of more than 5.000 CV’s were carefully studied, psychological exams as well as manual skill tests were conducted and new members of the DESA team were invited to join the training program in groups of 30. 

Today, the factory employs 650 direct operatives, who produce more than 24.000 intricate luxury bags per month.


Düzce Facility Solar Power Plant 

  • 7,200 m² built on Düzce Factory roof

  • 1 MW power

  • August ’22 commissioned

  • EUR 800K capex

  • 4,5 Years of expected return on investment with current energy costs

  • 93% production above factory consumption*

  • Target: Utilize Accessible and Clean Energy

* The excess energy produced will be deducted from the electricity consumption of our Çorlu and Sefaköy plants going forward.

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