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 Corlu Tannery

In 1998, DESA has established a state of the art tannery in a 25,000 m2 facility, that is capable to tan 5.000 skins, 8 tons of hides and 1.500 shearling from raw to finished leather per day. 
The tannery has a development laboratory for lab-dips and developments as well as an internationally accredited physical testing laboratory. 

The production is consumed by the needs of luxury brands in their leather goods manufacturing facilities as well as her own manufacturing units. 

The DESA Tannery has been awarded with the Gold Status by the Leather Working Group (LWG) in 2021 and is located in an industrial tanning zone that operates a water purification plant. All water and energy consumption of the facility can be monitored in real time. Thanks to the ongoing investment into a 3,500 m2 Solar Plant, more than 90% of the energy needs of the facility will be supplied with green energy by June 2023. 

"Gold Rated" by Leather Working Group

◦ 2021 – became accredited

◦ Desa acquired "Gold Rated" status enjoyedby 31 tanneries worldwide

◦ 3,500 m2 Solar Power Plant in progress. Will become operational Q2 ‘23.

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